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To look up series order, the Mid Continent Library Maintains a great resource of Juvenile Series and Sequels

Another good series site is: Books in a Series from Nebraska Library Commission
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(Available at Costco)

Using the Brother P-Touch to number series:

Press the FN key to access settings. Use the arrow key to move to the setting you want to change. Press Ok when you get to the setting you want. Press Esc to go back to the main screen.

Size - medium
Width - normal
Style - bold
Underline/Frame - round
File - print
Length - auto
Margin - Full
Tab - Auto
Print (if you want multiple copies, select the number here)
Language - English
Unit - inch

Clear - will clear all your settings

My Brother P-touch comes with 2 fonts. I prefer Font 2.

To make labels:
  • Press Red Button to Power on
  • Use Back Space button (BS) to erase previous text
  • Type in new text
  • Press print
  • Cut off by pressing down scissors tab
  • To remove sticker backing, fold back from center to create an edge to peel off, it (comes off in two sections split down the middle)
  • Place number on the top edge of spine

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