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Bulletin Board
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Before I Die, I want to Bulletin Board bubbles
Bulletin Board Heading

Bucket List Using Google Slides
Introduce students to Google Slides, how to copy and paste a picture from the internet, how to view image source and paste the URL into the presentation as a source.

Bucket List Lesson:
100 things to do before you die from Personal Excellence

Teen Bucket List on Youtube using Memes
20 things to do before you turn 20 Huffington Post Article
The Bucket List Movie Video Trailer

If you have access to computers, you can introduce students to Pinterest and how it can be used for gathering information by topic.
Pinterest Teenage Bucket List
Mrs. Gru's Completed Bucket List on Pinterest

Teens talk about their Bucket List on Youtube
Ted Teen how to complete your bucket listNote: This is an adult bucket list including crashing a party at the Playboy mansion (not explicit).
The Buried Life Website

Follow up with Part II Lesson on Goal Setting