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Book Valentine – For Bulletin Board from Marie Slim, GGUSD
Using a book you like (or love), make a heart using a book that you love. Download the attached file, put in your initials where it says "M.C.S." Then delete the "To Kill a Mockingbird" cover. Now "Save As" and save to your Z drive. Save it as Valentine - Your name. For example: Save as Valentine Megan P. Keep the I plus the heart sign on the document, unless you want to make your own.

NOW - Go to Type in the name of a book you like. Right click on a cover you like and scroll down to "Copy."

Then go to your Word document and Right Click and scroll down to "Paste." The Picture will probably be pretty small (you can resize it if you want). You will also need to move the picture.

To do this, right click on the picture and scroll and click on "Format Picture." (If "Format Picture" does not come up, that means you need to right-click and "remove hyperlink" - then after that right-click the picture again.) A dialog box will come up. Click on the tab at the top of the dialog box that says "Layout." Then click on the dog that says "Tight."

Now you have formatted your book so that you can move it around. Drag and drop the book by clicking it and dragging it underneath the red heart.

Print out the document in color. Cut out in the shape of a heart and decorate.
Attached file:

Valentines – book I love template