Station 1
Charles Dickens Biography

Station 2
The French Revolution

Station 3
The Gulliotine
The guillotine, the notorious killing machine of the French Revolution, was used to behead thousands, including King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Why was it a humane form of execution for its time, and did victims' brains continue functioning after decapitation?

Station 4
The French Flag
Draw and color the French Flag. What does the flag represent?

Station 5
Bastille Day
The storming of the Bastille is celebrated each year as Bastille Day (roughly speaking, the French equivalent of our Independence Day). While few prisoners were actually freed, the storming of the Bastille became a key symbolic event. Why?

Station 6
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette
1: What country did Marie A. call her home?
2: List three adjectives that described her physical appearance.
3: Why was the government suspicious of Marie during the war with Austria?
4: What became of Marie A on 16 October 1783?

Station 7
Louis XVI
1: About how many years did Louis XVI reign?
2: Which women in his life seemed to dominate him?
3: Give a reason why the French economy was nearly bankrupted.
4: Louis was guillotined on 21 January 1793 on what charge?

Station 8
Other Books by Charles Dickens



The Three Estates
What were the 3 estates and who were a part of each?

Lady Liberty