Model the Scientific Method using Mentos and Diet Coke

Show this video as an introduction to get student's interest:
Coke and Mentos Sensation video
Coke and Mentos Sensation (about video)

Mythbusters explain Nucleation
Mythbusters Coke and Mentos Video
Mythbusters Exploding Stomach Episode (for fun if time permits)

Pass out Mentos to each student and let them examine the texture. Eat the Mentos, feel the texture with your tongue

Show a student experiment:
Multiple Soda Test
Talk about control = Size of soda and number of Mentos and variables= varieties of soda
The student sample does not use accurate control.

Do the Experiment with students:
Teacher demonstrates experiment

Scientific Method Printables

Sample Mini Book for Mentos Science Experiment using Scientific Method and the NCTE Book Wizard

Scientific Method:
Scientific Method RAP

More Videos:
Mythbusters Scientific Method
The Science of Diet Coke and Mentos
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