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Financial Aid to students at Book fair Discussion from CALIBK12
  • Ask Scholastic to send a box of Bargain Books
  • Give Gift Certificates to students who set up and take down the book fair
  • Teachers and parents can sponsor a gift certificate for needy students
  • Have a raffle for all students who come to the book fair and select random winners

At our elementary school, we offer all our families the opportunity to create a "gift card" for their student. The parent bring us the money and we record the amount on an index card in a file box. Then the child comes in and uses the "credit" and we cross it off their "gift card". So for our students on free lunch, we make them a "gift card" that they use the same as the other kids. Their teachers tells them they have a gift card at the Book Fair. We go get any kid who still has money on their "gift card" on the last day of the fair and help them use it up, this particularly helps the kinders and 1st graders.

Patricia A. Ohanian

Teacher Librarian
Addison Elementary School
Palo Alto, California

I have "random" winners receive gift certificates.

I print out a sheet of labels (document attached) and have a student helper count out stacks for each homeroom. I place one "Winner" sticker inside one of the flyers in each homeroom stack, usually the top one. I also make sure that teachers know that one of the flyers contains a sticker worth cash at the book fair. Teachers are encouraged to hand out the flyers to each student and thoughtfully slip the one with the $5 sticker to a student who may most appreciate such a prize but still make it look random. Some teachers just shuffle the winner into the stack. Since it is only one student per class, no one would notice if all the stickers go to a particular demographic such as struggling readers or kids who receive free lunches. That one kid in that one class just happened to get lucky (or so it seems). This does require the teachers to know their students, and take a moment to pre-select a kid and pass out the flyer without making it look rigged.
The added benefit is that many more students look inside the flyer and actually notice what books are coming to the Book Fair. The money for the cost of the gift certificates comes from my book profits.
Jessica Lee, Teacher LibrarianWillard Middle School, Berkeley USD