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Exciting Genres by Tommy Kovac and Heather Gruenthal

CSLA 2009 (Ontario) Poster Session

RIYL 1984 (High School level Dystopias)
RIYL Abuse of Power
RIYL to know about Abusive Relationships
RIYL Adventure
RIYL Adventurous Girls
RIYL Alcohol Abuse
RIYL Aliens
RIYL Alice in Wonderland
RIYL Alice Series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
RIYL Animals (NonFiction by Dewey)
RIYL Animal Stories
RIYL Anime
RIYL Anne Frank (Holocaust)
RIYL Apocalypse (The end of the world as we know it!)
RIYL Asian Teens
RIYL to know about Autism
RIYL Banned Books
RIYL Bluford Series
RIYL Books (Books that Feature Book Lovers)
RIYL Books With Beat
RIYL Boys Series
RIYL Boy Reluctant Readers
RIYL Bromance (romance for boys)
RIYL stop Bullying
RIYL Captain Underpants
RIYL Chick Lit
RIYL A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer
RIYL Clique Series by Lisi Harrison
RIYL College
RIYL Cooking
RIYL Cuban Characters
RIYL Dark Fairytales
RIYL Diary Format
RIYL Diary of a Wimpy Kid
RIYL Diversity
RIYL Dinosaurs
RIYL Dragons
RIYL Dreams
RIYL e-mail, blogs, IM
RIYL Edgy (Ellen Hopkins)
RIYL Fortune Telling
RIYL Foster Families
RIYL fairy tales
RIYL Forbidden Love (Romeo and Juliet)
RIYL Funny Books
RIYL Gaming
RIYL books about GANGS
RIYG (recommended if you’re gay)
RIYL Girlie Books (JHS chick lit)
RIYL Georgia Nicholson
RIYL Go Ask Alice
RIYLThe Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman
RIYL Goosebumps (Junior High)
RIYL Gossip Girls
RIYL Graduation
RIYL Growing Up
RIYL Guys Read
RIYL Harry Potter
RIYL Hamlet
RIYL Hanukkah
RIYL Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (survival Stories)
RIYL Heroes (Television Series)
RIYL Heroes Journey (curriculum connections)
RIYL Hispanic Americans
RIYL Holiday Books
RIYL Homeless
RIYL Horror
RIYL The Hunger Games (JHS)
RIYL The Hunger Games (SHS)
RIYL Kissing Covers
RIYL Love Stories Gone Wrong
RIYL Mad Scientists
RIYL manga/Asian culture
RIYL Medieval Times
RIYL Monsters
RIYL Mythology
RIYL Mortal Instruments
RIYL Multi-Genre (books in poetry format, zines, maps, etc.)
Read the Movie
RIYL Muslim Teen Lit
RIYL Mystery
RIYL Mystery (Adult)
RIYL Night by Elie Weisel (from Oprah's book club)
RIYL Opression
RIYL Outcasts and Misfits
RIYL People with Disabilities
RIYL Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Mythology)
RIYL Perfect Chemistry
RIYL Picoult, Jodi
RIYL Pictures
RIYL Picture Books
RIYL Poetry (books in poetry format)
RIYL Problem Solving
RIYL Peer Pressure (upper elementary)
RIYL Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
RIYL Pirates
RIYL Red Ribbon Reads (Junior High)
RIYL Resistance
RIYL Romance (Junior High)
RIYL Romeo and Juliet
RIYL Sad Books
RIYL Series
RIYL Sex (loss of virginity)
RIYL Safe Sex
RIYL Science
RIYL Science Fiction
RIYL September 11
RIYL Shakespeare
RIYL Skateboarding
RIYL Spiderwick Chronicles
RIYL Sports
RIYL Steampunk
RIYL Sticks and Stones
RIYL Street Lit
RIYL Sugar and Spikes (strong female characters)
RIYL Supernatural Romance
RIYL Super Powers
RIYL Tearjerkers
RIYL Teen Issues
RIYL Teen Pregnancy
RIYL Teen Tech Week
RIYL Time (running out of, etc.)
RIYL Time Travel
RIYL Twisted Endings
RIYL Twitter
RIYL Unicorns
RIYL Vampire Romance (Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer)
RIYL Vampires (not romantic)
RIYL Video Games
RIYL Villains
RIYL Werewolves
RIYL Westerns
RIYL Winter
RIYL to Write (Young Authors)
RIYL Zines
RIYL Zombies

Pearl, Nancy. Book Crush: For Kids and Teens; Recommended Reading For Every Mood, Moment, and Interest. Seattle, WA. Sasquach Books. 2007

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