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I'd like to start a Library Random Acts of Kindness program and would love your help in brainstorming for ideas. Anything that is book/reading related that would promote kindness to others (without seeking any recognition) will be added to the list, and I will compile, if you want.

To start the list, 1.) write anonymous notes of kindness and affirmation and leave inside your favorite books for others to find.

Okay, GO!


1. A great book that promotes kindness is Wonder by R. J. Palacio. We used it as our Read It Forward book this year and invited people to sign their first name only on the inside back cover pledging to always choose kind.

2. Another idea: bring in baked goods or wrapped candy for other library patrons to enjoy (if your library allows food!)

3. Have your students write a "thank you" or note of encouragement for one of their teachers.

4. Our new principal started this at our school this year. Originally staff could nominate a student they witnessed being kind and thoughtful to someone else. Now it has been such a success students nominate also. The nominee writes to the principal and explains what the student did to deserve to be nominated. The principal keeps a notebook and chooses one or two students daily as "Student of the Day" and reads the letter turned in on the intercom.

5. For our patron appreciation month, every week we give one random patron a $5 gift card to our local independent bookstore (which donates the cards). We agree at what time during the day we're giving the gift card away, and then next patron to checkout is the winner. Great what to show random patrons that their support of the library is appreciated.

6. Last year, I found a flower with an uplifting note attached in one of our shelves. We're a large 5 floor library and it had been there a while but it was still nice to find it.

7. I want to try something like the photo I've attached. It's the same idea as post-it notes left in books, but they're kind/encouraging words to give to others or take for yourself. Along with the bulletin board, I would feature non-fiction stories of people doing good for others (ex. Cool to Be Kind: Random Acts and How to Commit Them; Pay It Forward: Small Acts, Big Change).

8. I love this idea! Hmm.....what about writing a quick note of appreciation to a teacher or administrator? Maybe have some index cards and pencils, markers set up on a coffee table and it can be the "Make Someone Smile" station for the students? Please share your ideas.

We are viewing some of Kid President's YouTubes in my library this week and the kids are getting inspired to go out in the world and "be awesome" as Kid President says. His pep talks are very inspiring.e but it was still nice to find it.

9. write on post a notes your kinds and thoughts and we will post them on our facebook page or in the display case.

10. Create a paperback book swap area near the entrance to the library.

11. Leave a complimentary bookmark with a little message.

12. Create a display centered around a quote about kindness and get others to put up a quote about kindness/generosity/giving/helping et al on it for a collaborative display and to get them centered around this theme.

13. Have students decorate book marks with the kindness theme and give them away. I have the paper slicer housed in the library and I save everyone’s snippets to put out for bookmarks. I call them “design your own”. Create a display of books about kindness and/or bullying.

14. I like to recognize the students who help out their friends. You know - the ones who come up with that extra dime or quarter to clear their friend's library fine so they can check out a book. I always comment that that was a nice thing to do and give them a piece of candy or let them print a page of their homework for free. They always leave with a smile!

15. Set up a display featuring a few books, including The Summer I Saved the World… in 65 Days by Michele Weber Hurwitz and similar fiction and nonfiction titles. Invite browsers to write an idea on a card that they could do for someone else and place each on the display.

16. We created an infographic with different ways to lend a hand for Random Acts of Kindness week, based on our book LEND A HAND. You can see the infographic here: http://blog.leeandlow.com/2015/02/11/lend-a-hand-for-random-acts-of-kindness-week/. Happy to send you a hi-res version if you want.

17. I printed a list of my favorite books that I have read. I share this with the students and they love it! I am now creating a list of our students favorite books.

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