RIYL Vampire Romance (Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series)

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (JH/SH)
1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse
3.5 The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
4. Breaking Dawn (Read Opening Pages on Entertainmnet Weekly Website)
5. 10th Anniversary Edition Twilight / Life and Death Dual Edition (Character Key)

Twilight the Graphic Novel Volume 1 Art and Adaptation by Young Kim
Twilight the Graphic Novel Volume 2
Art and Adaptation by Young Kim

Stephenie Meyer Interview about The Host from Everything Girl Online Magazine
Movie Scenes and Interviews from the Twilight Movie (MTV Movie Awards Preshow)
Entertainment Weekly Article about Twilight Movie
Entertainment Weekly Article about Stephenie Meyer
The Bella Cullen Project band on MySpace
Mignight Sun: Edward's Version of Twilight

More Vampire Series

The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe)
1. Sucks to be Me
2. Still Sucks to be Me

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz (grades 9-12)
1. Blue Bloods
2. Masquerade
3. Revelations
4. Van Alen Legacy
5. Misguided Angel

Blue Bloods Companion Novel:
Keys to the Repository by Melissa de la Cruz

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Angel Chronicles
The Angel Chronicles Vol. 1 by Nancy Holder
The Angel Chronicles Vol. 2 by Richie Tankersley
The Angel Chronicles Vol. 3 by Nancy Holder

The Darkangel Trilogy by Merideth Ann Pierce:
  1. The Darkangel
  2. A Gathering of Gargoyles
  3. The Pearl of the Soul of the World

Drake Chroniclesby Alyxandra Harvey
1. Hearts at Stake
2. Blood Feud

Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Vampires Trilogy: (OP)
#126 Tall, Dark, and Deadly by Kate William
#127 Dance of Death by Kate William
#128 Kiss of a Killer by Kate William

Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley University Thriller Edition (OP)
Kiss of the Vampire by Laurie John

Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine
1. Glass Houses
2. The Dead Girls' Dance
3. Midnight Alley
4. Feast of Fools
5. Lord of Misrule
6. Carpe Corpus
7. Fade Out
8. Kiss of Death
9. Ghost Town

Night World Lisa J. Smith (OP buy used through Amazon or B&N)
1. Secret Vampire
2. Daughters of Darkness
3. Spellbinder
4. Dark Angel
5. Chosen
6. Soulmate
7. Huntress
8. Black Dawn
9. Witchlight

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
1. Peeps
2. The Last Days

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Shreiber (JH/SH)
1. Vampire Kisses
2. Kissing Coffins
3. Vampireville
4. Dance with a Vampire
Graphic Novel Version:
Vampire Kisses Vol. 1: Blood Relatives

Vampire Twins by Janice Harrell (YA) (OP)
1. Bloodlines
2. Bloodlust
3. Bloodchoice
4. Blood Reunion

More Vampire Romance Books
Boys That Bite by Marianne Mancusi (grades 10-12)
Companions of the Night by Vivian Van Velde (JH/SH)
Got Fangs?: Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend by Katie Maxwell (grades 8-12)
High School Bites: The Lucy Chronicles by Liza Conrad (grades 7-12)
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantasky (JHS/SHS)
Night Road by A.M Jenkins (SHS)
The Silver Kiss by Anette Curtis Klause (JH/SH)
Slayed by Amanda Marrone (SHS)
Sweetblood by Pete Hautman (JH/SH)
Sunshine by Robin McKinley (YA-Adult)
Tantalize and Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith (SHS)
The Vampire’s Beautiful Daughter by S.P. Somtow (OP)

Graphic Novels
Model by Lee So-Young (Rated Teen Age 13+)

**Vampire Novels Not Romantic**

Short Story Collections
Vampires: A Collection of Original Stories Edited by Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg

Resources: Moen, Christine Boardman. "Beyond Buffy: Vampire Books to Die For." BookLinks. November 2007 pp. 45-47 http://www.chrismoen.com

Forks Washington Twilight Points of Interest (includes maps and photographs of locations mentioned in Twilight)

Twilight Brochure

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