Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series:
Book 1: The Ligntning Thief
Book 2: The Sea of Monsters
Book 3: The Titan's Curse
Book 4: The Battle of the Labyrinth
Book 5: The Last Olympian

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Anatopsis by Chris Abouzeid
“Chronos Chronicles” by Anne Ursu
Dusssie by Nancy Springer
Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline Cooney
The Great God Pan by Donna Jo Napoli
Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O’Shea
The Iliad & The Odyssey by Homer
Ill Met By Moonlight by Mercedes Lackey
Ithaka & Troy by Adele Geras
The Moon Riders by Theresa Tomlinson
Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh
Nobody’s Princess & Nobody’s Prize
by Esther Friesner
Odysseus in the Serpent Maze
by Jane Yolen
Orpheus Lost by Janette Hospital
“Pandora” series by Carolyn Hennesy
“Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series
by Rick Riordan
Quicksilver & Quiver by Stephanie Spinner
Sea of Trolls & Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer
Secret Life of a Teenage Siren by W.Toliver
Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli
Starfall:Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun
by Michael Cadnum
Temping Fate by Esther M. Friesner

Dictionary of Classical Mythology REF 292.1
Great Heroes of Mythology 398.22 PRE
Greek and Roman Mythology REF 292.1
The Greek Gods by Evslin 292 EVS
Greek Gods and Goddesses 202 MCC
by Geraldine McCaughrean
Kingfisher Book of Mythology 201 KIN
Mythology by Thomas Bulfinch 398.2 BUL
Mythology by Edith Hamilton 292.1 HAM

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Bullfinch's Mythology

The age of fable: or Beauties of mythology, by Thomas Bulfinch

Classical Mythology Directory

This site was designed Dr. Robin Mitchell-Boyask's courses in Classical Mythology at Temple University. It provides a wealth of information on Greek and Roman mythology.

Classical Myths and Legends

Comprehensive site with 1-2 pages of information on major figures and hotlinks to related ones.

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

Good overall site once you know the names of the gods.Describes major figures in 1-2 pages.

Encyclopedia Mythica

An excellent source on mythology. On this site you can search for articles on gods and goddesses from different cultures.

Folklore, Myth and Legend

Contains a listing of a variety of sites about folklore and mythology.

General Folklore and Mythology

Here you will find links to sites offering general or miscellaneous information about folklore and mythology.

Gods, Heroes & Myths

Home page opens with Greek and Roman myths, but there are tabs for Arthurian, Babylonian, Celtic, Native American, etc.

Greek Mythology

This site blends good research and documented sources with a pleasing and sophisticated technical presentation in order to provide a stimulating encounter with this fascinating subject

Greek has information on all subjects of Greek Mythology, including details on Greek Gods and Greek Goddesses, Greek Myths and Greek Heroes like Achilles and Hercules. It also has full text of Greek Mythology and Literature books. You can freely use all information in this site for term papers, research papers, college essays and homework papers.

Greek Mythology: Greek Gods and Goddesses
From, this resource has links to information about Greek gods and goddesses.

The Greek Mythology Link

The Greek Mythology Link is a collection of myths retold by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology, published in 1993 (available at Amazon). The GML contains Texts, Images, Charts and Maps. The mythical accounts are based exclusively on ancient sources.


MythNET is a site dedicated toGreek Mythology Explore the myths, folklore and stories of the Olympians, Titans, and some of the greatest heroes.


Contains the Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology.

Windows to the Universe

Objects in the sky and other natural phenomena have inspired people throughout the ages. Browse our collection of myths, folk tales, and stories of many types about the Earth and sky.

World Mytholgy Folklore, Cultures and Classical Studies

Outstanding sites for myths of all cultures

Theoi Greek Mythology
But this website is a link on another site that I think you had listed.
Perseus Project
The Olympian Gods