Titles dealing with oppression YALSABK (June 2012)
Bacigalupi. Ship breaker.
Bartoletti. The boy who dared. (grades 6-9)
Beah. A long way gone.
Beam. I am J. (transgender)
Bragg. All over but the shoutin'.
Brande. Evolution, Me and other Freaks of Nature. (very strict religion)
Burks. Neecey's Lullaby.
Chayil. Hush.
Cormier. The chocolate war.
Doctorow. For the win.
Doctorow. Little Brother. (San Francisco as a Military State)
Draper. Copper sun.
Edwardson. My name is not easy. (multicultural Alaska)
Ellis. The Heaven Shop.
Frank. The Diary of a Young Girl.
Fusco. Tending to Grace.

Gaines. A lesson before dying.
Goobie. Something girl.
Harden. Escape From Camp 14. (true story of a man who is born in, but ultimately escapes from,‚Äča North Korean camp for political prisoners, and ultimately makes his way to freedom)
Henry. Shock Point. (girl at an overseas boot camp)
Hobbs. Letting Go of Bobby James: or How I found my Self of Steam
Hosseini. The Kite Runner.
Ilibagiza. Left to tell.
Johnston. Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Barrio
Kingston. The Woman Warrior.

Lake. In darkness.
Lowry. The Giver.
Mafi. Shatter Me. (dystopian future, girl being held prisoner)
Martinez. Mother tongue.
McCormick. Never fall down.
McCormick. Sold.
Mikaelsen. Tree girl. (Guatemala)
Miller-Lachmann. Gringolandia.
Modica. The R word. (racism)
Monthei. Looking for normal.
Morrison. The Bluest Eye
Mosley. 47.
Mulligan. Trash.
Myers. Monster.
Perkins. Bamboo people.
Peters. Luna. (transgender)
Powers. This thing called the future.
Roth. Divergent.
Ryan. Forest of hands and teeth.
Ryan. Forest of Hands and Teeth. (regimented society?)
Sapphire. Push.

Satrapi. Persepolis. (graphic novel)
Scott. Grace. (an "angel" (her people's term for a terrorist bomber) who lives in a very
‚Äčoppressive state)

Sepeyts. Between shades of gray. (family sent to Siberia)
Simmons. Article 5.
Smith. Lockdown. (teen in prison)
Strasser. Boot Camp. (boy at a boot camp)
Stratton. Chanda's war.
Thompson. Blankets. (strict religion)
Thompson. Habibi. (graphic novel; gender and ethnic oppression; for older teens/adult)
Williams. The Chosen One.
Williams. Now is the time for running. (refugees, immigrants)
Wittlinger. Parrotfish. (transgender)
Yang. American Born Chinese. (graphic novel)
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