Hanukkah Moon by Deborah Da Costa
The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes by Linda Glaser
The Chanukkah Guest by Eric A. Kimmel
Nine Spoons: A Chanukah Story byMarci Stillerman
Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas by Michael J. Rosen
All the Lights in the Night by Arthur A. Levine
Runaway Dreidel! by Leslea Newman

Hanukkah at Valley Forge by Stephen Krensky

A Confused Hanukkah: An Original Story of Chelm by Jon Koons

The Chanukkah Tree by Eric A. Kimmel

Another book is The Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco. While not an actual Chanukah story, it is seasonal and deals with the reunification of a man and his wife -- separated by the Nazis who each believe the other to have been dead. It is a very touching story.

Penny Brown

=Chanukah Lights Everywhere by Michael J. Rosen D is for Dreidel: A Hanukkah Alphabet Book by Tanya Lee Stone The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate by Janice Cohn A Great Miracle: The Story of Hanukkah by Betty Morrow A Hanukkah Holiday Cookbook by Emily Raabe The Hanukkah Mice by Steve Kroll Hanukkah, Shmanukkah by Esme Raji Codell Latkes and Applesauce by Fran Manushkin Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat: A Chanukah Story by Naomi Howland The Magic Dreidels: A Hanukkah Story by Eric A. Kimmel The Menorah Story by Mark H. Podwal Moishe's Miracle: A Hanukkah Story by Laura Krauss Melmed One Candle by Eve Bunting Pearl's Eight Days of Chanukah by Jane Breskin Zalben The Trees of the Dancing Goats by Patricia Polacco Kinder-- Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah by Sylvia Rouss
1st-- Magic Dreidels by Eric Kimmel
2nd-- Runaway Dreidel by Leslea Newman (extends classroom gingerbread writing project)
3rd-- Chanukkah Guest by Kimmel

Heidi Snively

I, too, love the Kimmel book and the various latke ones mentioned in other posts. I also share a more serious Hanukkah story, One Candle by Eve Bunting. The catalog entry says:
“Every year a family celebrates Hanukkah by retelling the story of how Grandma and her sister managed to mark the day while in a German concentration camp.”
In the story, Grandma and her sister make a Hanukkah candle out of a potato, a thread, and a small pat of butter. We make this simple potato candle after sharing the story. The kids are amazed that it actually works.
Here are some of the other Hanukkah books I share with lower school kids:

  • Capucilli, BISCUIT’S HANUKKAH (preschool)
  • Zeifert, HANUKKAH and Kimmelman, THE RUNAWAY LATKES (Kindergarten) (We make little latke stick puppets to help tell the story.)
  • Hirsh, I LOVE HANUKKAH and Howland, LATKES, LATKES, GOOD TO EAT (1st Grade) (We eat latkes with applesauce.)
  • Clark, HANUKKAH and Penn, THE MIRACLE OF THE POTATO LATKES (2nd Grade) (We eat latkes with applesauce.)
  • Podwal, THE MENORAH STORY and Kimmel, HERSHEL AND THE HANUKKAH GOBLINS (3rd Grade) (We play the dreidel game and sing the song.)
  • Bunting, ONE CANDLE (4th Grade) (We make the simple potato Hanukkah candle.)
  • Kimmel, ZIGAZAK (5th Grade) (We play the dreidel game.)

Happy Holidays!
-- Karen

Latkes, Latkes Good to Eat by Naomi Howland
Chanukah Guest by Eric Kimmel

A personal favorite for Hanukkah is:

Zigazak! A Magical Hanukkah Night by Eric Kimmell, illustrated by Jon Goodell

This book has great illustrations and the story is a good read-aloud...always a favorite.

I love The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Against Hate by Janice Cohn. It describes how people in Billings, Montana joined together to fight a series of hate crimes against a Jewish family. It’s such a good message of tolerance.

Dana Stemig
Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins has been, hands down, a favorite here for the 17 years I’ve sat in the library chair (I shyly admit to being complimented often on my range of goblin voices!). I also read The Magic Dreidels to my Kindergarten, and use Naomi Howland’s Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat with my 1st and 2nd grades. Another favorite of the 4th and 5th graders is Arthur Yorinks’ The Flying Latke. You just can’t beat this off-the-wall story, with illustrations by William Steig, for laughs!
I've been reading Chanukah Lights Everywhere to my primary classes this week. It's by Michael Rosen.

Amber Claflin

One of my favorite Hanukkah stories is:
"The Chanukkah Guest", by Eric Kimmel. It would be perfect for first grade.


Do you have a copy of the Chanukah Guest by Eric Kimmel? Bubba Brayna (sp) is 97 years old and can't see or hear very well so when a bear knocks on her door she thinks it's the rabbi and lets him in. I always read it to 1st grade when I was with an elementary school.

Pat Guarnero