Gossip Girl/Rich Girl books with a twist!

Luxe/Envy/Rumors—historical fiction

Blue Bloods—vampires

Life in the Fat Lane

Pretty Little Liars
- rich girl murder mystery

The Clique series (Harrison)

Privileged series (Brian.)

Golden by Jennifer Barnes. The popular girls have psychic powers. The sequel is Platinum.

The Hotlanta series

The Insiders by J. Minter. Instead of rich, spoiled girls, it is about a group of rich, spoiled boys.

Ultimate Venus (manga). A poor orphan turns out to be
the heir to a vast fortune -- but she has to compete with other potential heirs for the title -- and unlike her, they're already rich, suave, and willing to force her to marry them (if necessary) to get that fortune

It Chicks Series by Tia Williams, only one of the girls are actually
rich, but it has a lot of fashionista, back-stabby, cliquish goodness

Vamps series. Apparently VAmPs stands for Vampire American Princesses

Mob Princess series

A-List series (GG in LA)

Au Pairs series (GG in the Hamptons)

Party Room trilogy (GG with murder)

Wessex Papers trilogy (GG in boarding school)

Ally Carter's "I'd Tell You I Love You but Then I'd Have to Kill You"
and its sequel "Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy" are interesting twists
on the rich girls at boarding school story. They're perceived by the
locals as rich, elitist snobs but are actually spies in training!

Also, Libba Bray's "A Great and Terrible Beauty" series is late
nineteenth century
Gossip Girls with magical powers.

Celubutantes series by Pagliarulo, which is a mystery series

All About Us series by Adina, which is Christian fiction

Skinned by Wasserman, about a rich girl who loses her place in society after her parents go to great lengths to save her after an accident

Airhead by Cabot, about a normal girl who has an accident and wakes up as someone else.

"Sweet Sixteen" by Kate Brian

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