Quizlet is a digital flashcard website. It is useful for students to learn vocabulary and testing terms. It is not required for students to have an account to use quizlet. Students must be 13 to create an account without parent permission.

You can find Quizlets by Mrs. GRU by searching users for hgruenthal.

Create a free account
Quizlet connects with your Google sign in.
  • Click on sign up.
  • Sign up with google
  • quizlet woild like to connect with your profile
  • Click on allow
  • put in your birthday (must be 13)
  • quizlet suggests your google username (you can change this)
  • click on sign up

To copy/create an existing stack:
You can copy anyone's stack that is made public. You can search by topic or user. Find my quizzes by user: hgruenthal
  • click on the first blue circle below the stack name that looks like 2 rectangles
  • Click on the copy/create button
  • share on twitter or facebook if you like, or just cancel out of this screen
  • the stack is now yours to edit/practice with

There are several different modules/tiles to work with:
Flashcards: Use your keyboard arrows or click on the arrows/card onscreen to flip or advance cards. You an also press play to have the cards automatically flip and advance but that may be too fast or slow for your students. Give them the option. Cards can also be read by the computer for auditory learners but it is recommended that students only use this feature if they have their own earbuds/headphones.

gives the definition and students type in the answer. If you miss the answer or spell it wron, it gives you the correct answer.

Spell: requires audio. The computer reads the term and you spell it.

Test: Quizlet creates a multiple choice exam based on your flash cards

Play Games
Match: Drag and drop the term to it's definition to make them all disappear. Try to beat your own best time, or compete against other student who have saved their scores.

Gravity: Type in the answer before the asteroid destroys your planet. Make sure to edit the preferences to show the definition first (change from term) otherwise it is impossible to type in the exact definitions.

Quizlet Live is similar to Kahoot