Trading Card Project

1. Research a character from Greek Mythology on the approved topics list (see below)

2. Take notes using at least 3 sources (one must be a book or encyclopedia)
Image Source:

Websites for your research:
Mythography really detailed -- includes citation help!
MythWeb (simple explanations with cartoon illustrations)
Greek Mythology Link (very detailed including lineage) (same as the printed version of Bullfinch's mythology)
Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources (complete listing of Olympians with text and images from academic sources)
MythMan (good source for pictures)

3. Organize your notes in an outline format

4. Document all your sources in a Works cited Page

5. Create a Trading Card using the Trading Card Template (see template and sample below)

Student posts their trading card on the Greek family tree
Student presents their trading card “in character”

Trading Card Distribution (4 total):
1. Turn in to teacher for grading/posting on Greek family tree
2. Keep one for personal use
3. Give away remaining two for trading card games
Image Source: Apollo and Daphne by John William Waterhouse. Online. Available:

Trading Card Game:
Student presents trading card/story to class
Presenter asks question of class, correct answer gets trading card
If the answer is wrong, someone else gets to guess.
Objective: See who can win the most trading cards

Trading Card Game option 2
Looking at the family tree, try to find characters connected to yours in some way (character names should be typed in BOLD on trading cards). If you can find a connection, you can take their card. Once you take a card, you can also take characters connected to that card as well. See who can collect the most cards.

Trading Card Game option 3
Find a character connected to yours. Pretend you are the characters meeting in person. Talk about your stories and discuss an alternate ending. Trade cards.

Teacher Resources:
Education World How to make Trading Cards With Microsoft Word (requires Acrobat Reader)
Read Write Think Online Trading Card Creator
Trading Card Ideas on Pinterest