Show off those new books and Advertise your great resources. Check out my blog on Fall Bulletin Boards and Displays.
Themes for September are:



  • American Indian Heritage

  • Historical Fiction

  • Veteran’s Day

  • Cookbooks, “What’s Cooking?”

  • Books with a Thanksgiving Theme

  • Library Staff Recommendations “Gobble up a Good Book”


  • “Read the Movie,” books made into movies2014-09-26 09.57.37.jpg

  • Fantasy display: Lord of the Rings, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Harry Potter, Golden Compass, Spiderwick Chronicles, The Dark is Rising

  • “Millions of worlds to explore.” Science Fiction display: I, Robot, Star Wars series, Star Trek series




  • Folktales and Fairytales (with St. Patrick’s Day)

  • Fairytales Retold, “Happily Ever After?”

  • Read Across America Week – Read to a child today!

  • Books for Boys and Books for Girls

  • Oh, The Places you will go (Travel Guides)


  • Multicultural (International Week)

  • Funny Books (April Fool’s)

  • Poetry (National Poetry Month)

  • National Library Week (books that involve libraries or librarians)

  • April Showers Rainy Day from Tommy Kovac

  • April Pledge to Protect the Planet (Earth Day)


  • Be a Sport, Turn in your books on time Blog Post from MrsG Talks Books

  • Memorial Day Armed forces Display

  • “Choose Your Adventure” Adventure Books

  • “Make your Escape” Crime Thrillers


  • Advertise summer reading programs for your public libraries “Don’t get dumber in the summer – READ!”

  • Summer Reading Lists

  • College/careers: Who do you want to be?

  • Goodbye and Good luck to Seniors

  • College Acceptances

No time? Keep it simple and change board quarterly:

  • Fall: “Fall in to a good book”

  • Winter: “Cuddle up with a good book”

  • Spring: “Spring Fling”

  • Summer: “Don’t get dumber in the summer! Read”

Too many to keep up with? Special Collection Displays All Year ‘round

  • In the News: Policies, daily announcement bulletin, sports schedules articles from local paper

  • Computer Books, Internet Research, Big6

  • Manga/Graphic Novels

  • Scary Stories

  • Fantasy/Science Fiction

  • Popular Series: Dear America

  • Picture books (they are pretty to look at!)

  • Scholarship Board

  • iRead, iCreate, iCollaborate, iLearn @Valencia Library. Make large paper iPhone and put common apps and helpful tools on the "screen." I also included different book covers for genres as well. from Joy Millam

  • "Make a good impression" display with books with captivating opening lines. I have a speech bubble attached to each book with the first line.

  • Books with sunglasses on the cover - "You're future's so bright we've gotta wear shades"

  • Books with feet or shoes on the cover - "These books are made for walking"

  • Teen Top Ten Nominee voting with the books and links to book trailers and vote site.