I love Kahoot! The first time I tried Kahoot with my 8th graders to review poetry terms, they actually asked if they could take the quiz again! They wanted to get a better score, and beat their classmates.

It can be a bit confusing to first use Kahoot. There are two links you need:

One account to create your quiz:

One account for the students to play your quiz:

Create your Quiz
  • In the upper left hand corner, click on the purple box that says New K!
  • Create New Kahoot
  • Choose Quiz
  • Name your quiz
  • Describe your quiz
  • Visible to:Everyone Language: English Audience: School
  • Credit Resources if needed
  • Upload cover image if desired
  • Ok, Go
  • Maybe Later if you want to add an image later
  • Game Creator, Add Question
  • Add Question: This is what the students will see on screen. It is the beginning of a multiple choice question
  • Leave 20 second default. If the question is easy and students all answer before the 20 seconds is up, it automatically advances to the results.
  • At least 2 choices are required in the answer.
  • Add images or videos if desired
  • Credit resources if needed
  • Click on the correct answer
  • Click on next
  • Add questions until your quiz is complete.
  • a 20 question quiz takes about 10 minutes to play the game.

Play your Quiz
You need to have a teacher computer to present the questions and the students need devices to enter their answers. Students either need 1 device per table to play in team mode or one device per person in classic mode. Some teachers without acces to 1 to 1 devices have allowed students to use their phones and form groups around the number of students who have phones (there's an app for that!).

First, you log in to your create account and select the quiz you want to take by clicking, PLAY. Then it will load your quiz and ask if you want to play Classic 1:1 or Team mode. Your screen will then display a number that students enter on their computer to join the quiz. Next, students enter a "nickname." This nickname will be displayed on screen and be shown in the top scores. Make sure you tell your students ahead of time to use their real name to prevent disruptive nicknames. Kahoot will let you delete students who use inappropriate screen names. It will also prevent students from logging in with known bad words.

When everyone has joined the quiz, press the start button. The first question will be displayed, then the multiple choice answers will display with a color-coded symbol. Students only see on their screen the 4 symbols. They choose their answer before the time runs out. After 20 seconds, the correct answer is displayed. Then the teacher clicks on next and the tip scores are displayed. Students really enjoy seeing their names in the top score. Then advance to the next question. If you run out of time before you get to all the questions, you can click on End Quiz to end with the current standings. You may also skip questions if you want to speed things up or find that a question just didn't work well with your classes.

I like to use Kahoot along with Quizlet. First students study the terms in Quizlet and then take the Kahoot to test themselves on their learning.