Building Background Knowledge

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Station 8 (optional, depending on how long your class periods are)

Hatchet Scavenger Hunt
Building Background Knowledge

Divide into 8 groups by numbering off:

Each group starts on a different number. You will have 5-7 minutes per station to get through as many as you can.

  1. Find the yellow “Biography” sign then look for Gary Paulson’s biography: 92 Paulson.
    1. What is the name of the book? .
    2. Are these true stories? (read the back) .
    3. Read the marked section- page 4-5. What happened to the man in the kitchen? __.
    4. BONUS: Read pages 6-8. What other real life experience does he put in Hatchet?

  1. Go to the yellow Ancient History sign: 930.1 to find books on tools that Brian might make while stranded in the wilderness.
    1. Are the fiction or non-fiction books? .
    2. Look at the pictures of the tools. What could you make tools from if you are stranded in the wilderness?__.
    3. Draw one of the tools that you might use in the wilderness.

What is it used for?__
    1. BONUS: Find the chapter on Flintworking in the Eyewitness book. Find the 1,2,3 steps at the bottom. How do you make a stone tool?
  1. Go to the Reference Section REF 912 and find the Atlas.
    1. Turn to the Canada tab. Trace the path of the plane from NewYork to where we think the crash happens. What is the name of the province he crashes in? (All capital letters)
    2. Turn to the next page. Locate the province and see what the temperature in July is (Farenheit). ___
    3. BONUS: Go the computer and look up pictures of the “Taiga.”

  1. (I) Go to computers 5-8 and find the bookmarked sites for the “Taiga.”
    1. Go to “Facts about the Taiga.” Read the text. What are the summer days like in the Taiga? _
    2. What makes the birds come to the Taiga each year?
    3. BONUS: Go to the “Gallery” What are three words that describe those pictures?_

  1. (I) Go to computers 1-4 and find the bookmarked sites for airplanes. Find a picture of a Cessna, the plane that Brian is in.
    1. Sketch the plane:

    1. BONUS: How is this plane different from planes that you might have flown on before?

  1. Go to between the yellow “Technology” and “Cookbook” signs and find 629.13 and get the Eyewitness Flying Machine book Find the page Flight Decks.
    1. What are three controls you see on the deck?
  2. i.
  3. ii.
  4. iii. __

    1. BONUS: What would you touch first if you were crashing? Why? _

  1. Look under the Computer Rules sign in the reference section for:
    1. Find Biomes of the World: Temperate Forests in the Reference section. What three animals live in the Taiga? _
Go to the yellow “Dinosaurs” sign.
    1. Find Taiga by April Pulley in the _ section. What kinds of plants grow in the Taiga?
Go to the yellow “Mammals” sign.
    1. Find the Natures Children series in the _ section. Look at the porcupine, the elk, or the bear, what do they eat? _
  1. Look for other books by Gary Paulson in Fiction M-Q. He likes to write about adventure and survival, but what other kinds of books has he written?
    1. Read the back of Brian’s Winter. What is it about?

BONUS: Find The Cay by Theodore Taylor and Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikelsen. Read the backs. If you like Hatchet you might like these too!
What are they about?
The Cay by Theodore Taylor (Call number: FIC TAY )

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikelson (Call number: FIC MIK )