Grade 6
The Pearson Textbook starts each unit with goals for the unit and a self assessment. At any point, you can reinforce the idea of goal setting. I usually do the goal setting lessons at the start of a new year.

Part I Bucket List Lesson

Part II Goal Setting

Goal Setting Learning Target

Goal Setting Lesson Plan

How to Deal: Goals from Scholastic

Give students a post it note to write their goal and put it in their planner with the day of the week to attack their goal

Students discuss the goal they chose in their table groups (3 min)

Goal Setting Lesson:
Zig Ziglar7 steps to Goal Setting Video

7 steps to goal setting: Teacher Model High School Graduation

Guided Practice
Students choose one goal to complete the 7 steps
7 steps to goal setting Blank

Kid President Pep Talk

Goal Setting Doodle Video

Grade 7 The Road Not Taken
Choices Unit:
Poetry unit featuring The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Bookmark Featuring The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost