CSLA 2007 (Ontario) Concurrent Session Description:

Build excitement for reading with genre-based book talks, creating an inviting table and environment for each topic. Be prepared for any reader’s advisory question with reproducible bibliographic genre bookmarks, including original artwork. Cater to all your students’ interests with a variety of topics, including “Pirates!” “Vampire Romance,” “Diversity,” “Novels for Manga-Lovers,” and “Sugar and Spikes.”

Featuring Artwork by Tommy Kovac

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Genre Displays
Use These Genre Displays to make a special collection more appealing all year 'round, or during genre-related booktalks.

  • laminate a big sheet of the Sunday funnies
  • Rubber chicken
  • plastic glasses with nose and mustache
  • whoopie cushion
  • clown wig

  • using an actual Clue game board
  • crime scene tape
  • magnifying glass
  • microscope (like on CSI)
  • Sherlock Holmes hat

Mystery Genre by Tommy Kovac


  • map of Middle Earth poster
  • A stuffed dragon

  • cut out a big sheet of red paper in the shape of an oozing pool of BLOOOD. (if you think that's too gruesome, you can always substitute with alien-blood green, so it's nicer for elementary kiddies
  • skulls, bats, gargoyles, etc.

Horror Genre by Tommy Kovac

Teen Issues
  • giant prop passifiers from a party store
  • Kleenex
  • laminate collage of Teen or Seventeen Magazine photos, articles, and interesting headings.

Teen Issues Genre by Tommy Kovac

Science Fiction table:
  • Tin wind-up robot toy
  • rocket ship, plenty of kids' toys would work well
  • Laminate map of the solar system (National Geographic)

Sci Fi Genre by Tommy Kovac

Asian Books/ Chinese New Year, February
Winter Books/Winter Olympics February
Pig Out on Books at Thanksgiving time with lots of stuffed pigs everywhere
Get Your Green On at St. Patrick's Day with environmental/ecological books
Paws to Read in April for National Pet Month - we did a teachers' pets picture displaySeptember
Rescued Reads: Ideas for those books that haven't circulated in awhile
Talk Like a Pirate Day "Aaargh - Set Course for the Library" display.
Love Quotes from books (February)
"Love is a dangerous angel" -- Francesca Lia Block (Weetzie Bat)"Love stories aren't about how they end." -- Cynthia Voight (Orfe)

5 Ideas for Book Displays without Wall Space BY ASHLEY COOKSEY on Knowledgequest

If you don't have a display area, try using bookcarts with these ideas from Jennifer Harmer


Lauren Smallwood YALSABK
Travel the world through books
Travel Display.JPG

Travel the world through books.JPG