Dewey #

“How to be a billionaire” (Bill Gates/computer display) All year

“Stranger than fiction”
(UFO’s witches, vampires, etc.) October

100 “Help yourself” (New Year’s Resolutions) January
New Year, New You

200 “Choose your Odyssey” (mythology) Collaborate with English

300 “What's your problem?” (issues) October / Teen Read Week
“You’ve got to fight for the right…” (civil rights) January/Feb
“United we Stand” (military) September/November/May
“Who do you want to be?” (careers) June
“Celebration!” (holidays and celebrations) December
“Magic and Monsters” folktales and fairytales March/St Patrick's day

400 /800 (R) “HELP” (homework aids) September

500 “Save the Planet” (earth, environment) April earth day
“Dewey see what I see” (Eyewitness books) December

600 “What’s Cooking?” (cookbooks) Thanksgiving/November
“Life in the Fast Lane” (cars, vehicles)
“Sicko” (diseases) Collaborate with Science/Health

700Be a sport” (Physical Fitness Month) May
“I Can Draw” (how to draw–Napoleon Dynamite) Feburary/Valentine’s day
“Get Graphic” (graphic novels) All Year
“Rock and Roll is here to stay” (Music history) Collaborate with Music

800 “Bust a Rhyme” (poetry) April
“Where do I start?” (Big6 research resources) End of year projects

900 “Walk in someone's shoes” (biography) Collaborate with English
“Where in the world?” (travel or country books) Spring Break
“It’s on the Test!” (History Standards) Collaborate with History
“What was it like when…” (Historical time periods with Novels)
Dust Bowl/Depression with Out of the Dust by Karen Heese
Holocaust with Night by Elie Weisel or The Diary of Anne Frank
Gold Rush with The Call of the Wild by Jack London
Collaborate with English