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Think Before You Post Posters


Digital Footprint from Common Sense Media

Oversharing from Flocabulary
Attention getting rap from Flocabulary and Commonsense Media gives top 10 tips to social media.

Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line lesson from Common Sense Media
Show video of Stacey's Story. Students answer discussion questions from the video in groups. Depending on length of period and attention span of students, you may choose to skip the two case studies with questions.

Group Discussion:
What can you do to stop cyberbullying?
Group chooses best answer to write on class whiteboard

Share suggestions from Common Sense Media:
Use Common Sense!
Be an upstander! If you witness cyberbullying, you can help by supporting the target and letting the bullies know that their behavior is not acceptable. Here are things you can do:

  • Step in to help in a cyberbullying situation by letting the target know you are there for them.
  • Listen to and empathize with the target.
  • Do not spread rumors; instead, tell the cyberbully to stop
  • Report what is happening to a trusted adult or website administrator, or encourage the target to tell a trusted adult. A trusted adult is someone who lyou believe will listen and has the skills, desire, and authority to help you.

Source: Creative Commons From Common Sense Media

End on a positive note on teens using social media for compliments:

NBC Learn K-12
"Teen uses twitter to compliment peers" (LBUSD subscription service)

Exit slip:
Students write out a positive tweet slip and give to someone they want to compliment

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