The Call of the Wild Cover Symbol

Draw a picture of a possible cover for the book The Call of the Wild. Your picture should be a symbol that represents the meaning of the title and/or theme of the novel. Explain the meaning of your drawing with a 100 word explanation on the back. Your cover must be colored.

Lexington 002.jpg

Cover Symbol

My symbol represents Buck’s two personalities and the change that he goes through to adapt to life in the Yukon. Buck starts out as a civilized dog who knows no pain, fear, hunger, or unhappiness. The old Buck is represented by the happy side. Once Buck is faced with the hard life of a sled dog, Buck becomes a wild dog. He returns to his natural instincts, which is represented by the wolf side. In the end of the novel, Buck answers the “call of the wild” and leaves the old Buck completely behind as he joins a pack of wolves and becomes their leader.