Blind Date:
A "blind date" is a date between two people who have not previously met. Usually you will get set up by a friend who knows the person. For this activity I had students pick up their favorite book they read that year to "set up" a friend with. For 3-5 minutes they try to convince their friend to "check out" their suggestion. Then they switch and their friend tries to set them up with their favorite.
Heather Gruenthal LBUSD

Book Programs And More by Beth Dailey | Highland Branch Library, MPLIC | Librarian I

Blind Date With a Book By Cranbury Public Library
There are also some libraries who make a display of books wrapped in brown paper so it is a surprise what the patron checks out. They post their reviews on a blog.

Literary Speed Dating
If Books are Windows to the Soul, Can Literary Speed Dating Attract Your Soulmate?
Apparently, there are some public libraries who do real speed dating events where the participants find dates with similar literary tastes.